"Please be different from all the others!"

The Instagram Boot Camp is. Here's why.


It's different because it's created by a successful Instagram influencer.

A lot of Instagram growth courses on the market are created by people who have little to no experience successfully growing a large Instagram community themselves.

I don't just think I know what I'm talking about. I didn't Google and I didn't guess. Everything that's in this course is tried-and-true.

Everything in The Instagram Boot Camp works and I know this because I used every single one of the strategies in this course to grow my own Instagram from 0 to 200,000 followers in under two years


it's different because it's not a scam.

There are so, so many courses that teach shady growth strategies. There are even more that don't teach you everything there is to know, so when you finish the course, you're left feeling like you're missing something huge.

I don't teach shady techniques in The Instagram Boot Camp and I didn't leave anything out. I am completely and totally invested in your success, so I'm giving you all of the tools you need to succeed on Instagram.


it's different because it's a community.

The Instagram Boot Camp is not just a course - it's also a community. In addition to The Instagram Boot Camp course itself, you're also gaining an incredibly supportive community in the form of The Instagram Boot Camp Facebook group with hundreds and hundreds of active members. The students in The Instagram Boot Camp are a tribe - we all support each other in our journeys, ask/answer questions and discuss everything related to Instagram, blogging and entrepreneurship! 

Plus, I'm in the group weekly asking questions, providing feedback and encouraging you every step of the way.


It's different because it will help you through your entire Instagram career.

A lot of courses are a one-and-done. You learn what you learn about a topic, and you move on. The Instagram Boot Camp isn't like that.

It's not only designed to get you started. It isn't designed to just teach you how to create quality content or just work with brands. It's not even only teaching you how to grow your following. It's designed to take you through all of that, and more.

For example, if by the end of completing the Boot Camp you aren't at a place to work with brands quite yet, that's okay! When you are, the course and the community will be here for you.


It's different because it's continually evolving.

I am constantly making tweaks, adding the newest strategies and creating new content for the Boot Camp. I'm always sharing new tips in the Facebook group. So, once you're in the Boot Camp tribe, you're in for life!