"I can sincerely say that this is the best online course purchase I have ever made. I previously completed an online course specifically for Instagram for business owners, and Christina's course had at least ten times more value - at a fraction of the price of the other course.

Below are my achievements since completing the course:

  • I have more than doubled my follower count on Instagram.
  • I have been approached by brands for collaborations.
  • I have found the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to approach the brands I want to work with myself.
  • I am building a new stream of income through the various suggestions on monetization that are included in the course content.
  • I have found my brand identity and have re-discovered my love for photography.
  • I have connected and made friends with incredibly supportive, like-minded women who are in the Boot Camp private Facebook group. 

Christina not only over-delivers in the value that you get from the course content, but she has far beyond exceeded my hopes and expectations when I initially purchased her course. Anyone can tell that she genuinely cares about helping her students grow and she has created an invaluable and nurturing community for her students and alumnae. I have seen a return of investment already simply by the immeasurable time I have saved figuring out which growth strategies work (the best ones are provided in the course content). But most of all, I will continue to see the returns through future collaborations. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her course and I will continue to work with her - not just to scale my Instagram audience, but to grow my business. Thank you so much, Christina!"

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ANGELINA, @thelovelyescapist

"For a while, I struggled with building a genuine, authentic audience on Instagram. After only one week of going through this e-course, my engagement has doubled and I’ve already gained 2,000 followers! I am so pleased with these results, and I can't believe I've spent months trying to figure out how to be successful on Instagram when all of that information can be found right in Christina’s Instagram Boot Camp. I absolutely love this e-course and would 100% recommend it to anyone who is interested in being successful on Instagram."





"Anyone interested in creating an Instagram brand from the ground up, or improving their current online presence, should 100% enroll in Christina's Bootcamp! Coming from the perspective of a working clothing designer, who is privy to the day-to-day minutiae of a large, commercial clothing brand's social media presence, as well as an aspiring influencer with an interest in creating a personal brand via Instagram, the Bootcamp offers such a unique perspective in terms of the technical aspects of running a successful brand on social media. I've not found anything else like it, and Christina really is a pro!"

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NATALIE, @pastelsandpassports

"Christina is a gem and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is a kickass businesswoman. If you are going to learn from anyone in the Instagram influencer space, it should undoubtably be her!"

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rose, @therosietraveler

"Christina is incredibly knowledgable in the social media industry and has some amazing tips for how to grow an Instagram. She has a very professional and creative vibe that speaks volumes about the work she is doing."